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NEW EARTH CUBIT / 432Mhz Copper Tensor Ring - 5 Elements


    432Mhz Copper Tensor Ring


    Triple twisted copper tensors are a fascinating innovation in the realm of energy technology.

    These tensors are created by intertwining three separate strands of copper wire to form a unified structure. Each individual strand is first twisted to amplify its energetic properties, and then all three are woven together to create a powerful vortex of energy.


    The process of combining the single twists results in a phenomenon known as a vortex, which is a twisting motion that generates high vibrational pressure within the tensor. This high vibrational pressure is believed to enhance the tensor’s ability to harness and manipulate energy fields.


    NEW EARTH CUBIT (999) 432MHZ:

    - Pain Relief

    - Grounding

    - Balances female and male energy

    - Elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Ether

    - Works on the 3rd, 4th & 5th Chakra

    - Optimizes sound & colours

    - Deeper contact with ethereal body

    - Increases muscular activity

    - Produces Qi

    - Helps align the spine


    The unique design of triple twisted copper tensors allows them to efficiently channel and amplify energy, making them popular tools for energy workers, healers, and individuals looking to enhance their own energetic practices.

    They are often used in meditation, energy healing sessions, and other spiritual practices to amplify intentions and create a harmonious energetic environment.

    Overall, triple twisted copper tensors are revered for their ability to create a powerful vortex of energy that can positively influence both the energetic and physical realms.


    What is a Tensor Ring?

    A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy produced by the Tensor field is healing for all life forms on Earth.

    A superconductor that neutralises magnetic fields, the tensor ring brings tranquility and stability to chaos, and easily stabilises the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body.

    The Tensor field produces a measurable earth / gravity effect.


    Crafted by: The Alchemists Apprentice 555

    A local craftsman who has received the ability through guidance to create these devices. The intentions for the devices are for personal assistant tools on one’s path towards ascending into higher frequency.

    Transmute and transmit 555

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