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Crystal & Mineral
Elemental Essences

Aurumaya's alchemical Colloidal Crystals are offered as an elemental slipstream into the Mineral & Metallic Realms.
Made by using high-resonance bifilar Scalar Wave & Tesla Coil technologies and alchemical processes, these high-vibrational essences are charged with the harmonic blueprint of nature and the cosmos.
We hold a range of natural high grade Quartz Crystals and lasers which we use for the programming and encoding of specific crystals, minerals and particles, such as Colloidal Gold & Silver -
These liquids are then harmonically activated inside a Cymatics dish using a scale of harmonic Hz frequencies and waveforms played through the fluids - imbuing it with specific vibrational codes.
Monoatomic Elements /
We use 24K Liquid Colloidal Gold (40ppm created using 99.99% pure Gold), Monoatomic Gold (30x extract of colloidal ocean minerals) and 316Hz Bifilar Scalar Frequencies mixed with Colloidal Crystals.

By combining Monoatomic minerals with the Colloidal suspension of real free Gold electrons, it leads to the highest possible synergistic effects with anything it is combined with (Honey, Crystals).
Crystals & Minerals hold 'memory' and retain the information programmed into them, giving you the full-spectrum imprint of the sacred geometric coding these Elementals hold.

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