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Welcome, I’m Danielle - Mad Scientist & Creatrix at Aurumaya Labs.

We are made of the elements and are resonating with our Earth's frequency. We have evolved to live in co-existence with the plant and mineral kingdoms to work with these offerings in guiding us toward the evolution of consciousness, human health and wellbeing.

Through our ceremonial elixirs and offerings we give reverence to our plant & elemental teachers who guide us on our journey. 
Our ceremonial products are made using traditional Hermetic & Spagyric alchemical practices that honour the plant and mineral, its vital force, and the Tria Prima (Materia Prima / Prime Matter).

As above; so below.

find us on instagram @aurumaya.labs


About our Honey

We source our Honey from Beekeepers around the Byron Bay Hinterland & Tyagarah Region NSW.

Our Alkemy range uses a combination of Active 19+MGO633+ Jellybush Honey & a floral Yellowbox Honey base - This mixture is charged and activated using advanced bifilar Scalar-wave and Tesla coil technology and mixed with Crystal & Mineral Essences, amplifying the superconductivity of the elemental structure within the sacred nectar.  

As above, so below. As within, so without.


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