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At Aurumaya Labs, we harness the power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), Radionics and Scalar technologies to enhance well-being through innovative devices.

Our specialised PEMF devices, including powered Crystals, Starship Coil Pyramids and Orgonite Ankhs, utilise unique setups to channel electromagnetic fields for therapeutic benefits.

Powered Crystals with 15Hz Zapper

Our powered crystals are designed to amplify the natural piezoelectric properties of Crystals through electromagnetic stimulation. Each crystal is meticulously wrapped in copper wire using spiral dynamic patterning, and connected to a 15Hz zapper powered by a standard 9V battery. This setup allows the crystal to emit a steady, low-frequency electromagnetic field. The frequency of 15Hz is specifically chosen for its potential to support relaxation and cellular function; fit with a split wire this frequency translates to the Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz, making these crystals a tool for physical, biological and mental well-being.


Orgonite Ankhs

With Audio Connection

Our Orgonite Ankhs represent a synergy of Ancient energy tools and modern technology bought to life. Made from a mixture of resin, metals, superconductive Monoatomic Gold and Quartz -  Orgonite is believed to balance bio-energy fields, often referred to as Chi/Qi, or Prana.

This energy is the primordial life-force itself, permeating every aspect of our existence and the universe.

When coupled with our frequency generator or frequency app, these Ankhs can be connected via audio cables or wireless bluetooth devices that transmit specific frequencies to the wiring within the Ankh.

Users can select frequencies through the generator or app, which then plays through the Ankhs, creating a targeted electromagnetic field. This field interacts with the body's natural energy fields, aiding in energy alignment and a healthy biosphere. 

How It Works

Both our powered Qubit Crystals and Orgonite Ankhs operate by creating a PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

This field penetrates deep into the body, influencing electrical changes on a cellular, biological and quantum level. These changes can enhance the body’s natural healing processes, improve energy levels, and promote overall well-being. The gentle and non-invasive nature of PEMF means it integrates seamlessly into daily life, supporting body and mind without through daily ritual. 

At Aurumaya, we believe in the power of merging traditional knowledge with futuristic technology, channelled with guidance from the Silica realms, and our past and future wisdom teachings.


Explore our range of Radionics, Scalar and PEMF devices to find the perfect complement to your ritual and  wellness routine.

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