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7.83HZ QUANTUM SCALAR DEVICE / 24k Gold Multi-Wave Oscillator + Activation Plate


    Schumann Wave Ultra-Low Frequency Pulse Generator

    With 24K Gold Radionics Spiral


    A Schumann-wave generator, also known as a Tesla coil generator, is an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic wave pulse which is emitted from a central Tesla coil - creating ‘Scalar Waves’. 


    A Schumann wave is a natural energy source, which is inexhaustible and constant.


    These waves have been proven to be incredibly grounding for the human energy field and have the ability to reset the bodies frequency back into its natural harmonic state - the Earth's frequency. 

    The cellular matrix within the Human body responds to these Schumann waves by supporting us to feel super-charged, naturally full of energy, and will stimulate healthy Prana and flow where blockages may be present. 




    + Place device beside or under the bed throughout the night to act as a grounding mat for a peaceful, deep and restful sleep. Switch on before bed and switch off upon rising. Acts as an energetic cloaking device. 


    + Place drinking water cups, water bottles, tea etc on top of the device to stimulate the waters molecular frequency to activate, charge and restructure the water. 


    + Place Crystals, Copper, etc on top of the device to amplify the energetics emitted from the crystalline and metallic structures (Scalar Waves through the Tesla coil will amplify anything placed within its field - so placing crystals on this device will emit and amplify its frequencies into the atmospheric field).


    + Place beside you during meditations for instant grounding and easier access to alpha brain-wave states and deep-states.


    + Use device as a charging plate for Elixirs and Herbal Medicines.


    + Place in a common room of the house, such as lounge rooms or offices to create a bio magnetic field within the space to induce calmness and instant grounding. 


    + Use in healing spaces (such as practitioner treatment rooms etc) to protect and cleanse the surrounding energy fields for clearer transmissions. 


    + Get creative - anything can be placed on top of this device to amplify and ground the frequencies.


    Many blessings on your journey,


    - Aurumaya Labs

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