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PHARAOH RODS / Zinc & Copper Ancient Egyptian Healing Rods

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    Zinc & Copper Handcrafted Sacred Egyptian Healing Rods.

    Rods of Star Consciousness - Egyptian Healing Rods.

    Weight: 450g of Pure Copper & Zinc, melted into 2 cylindrical rods. 

    Comes in a Black Velvet carry pouch with a set of 100% Organic White Cotton Handling Gloves.


    These Ancient tools are an electrical powerhouse of energy, used in sacred ceremonies during meditation practices for many thousands of years by the Egyptian Pharaoh’s, Priest Masters and High-Priestesses to produce an electro-magnetic current flow throughout the body. 


    These rods are activated by holding in the palms of the hand (Zinc rod in the Left hand, Copper rod in the Right hand) and pointed toward the nasal passages as a means of energy bioaccumulation, to activate the Pineal gland and aid in Out of Body experiences in rooms or with an induced harmonic sound resonance of 111Hz, which may be played during mediation. 

    Zinc and Copper together in combination are known for strengthening energy flow within the body - The synergy of the two metals creates a natural Galvanic battery using the human body as the vessel or tool for acceleration (See photo diagram). 

    A Galvanic battery is an electrochemical cell reaction that occurs when sodium (in this case, sweat from the human body releasing from the palms of the hands) in which an electrical current is generated from spontaneous oxidation reactions. 


    The energy is passed through the body from left to right as a functioning cell battery - When holding these rods, you can actually feel the energy pulsating through, it is quite remarkable and extremely powerful.


    The natural absorption of these two metals through the hands was utilised by the Egyptians to strengthen energy flow through the body and were used to regulate, balance, upgrade and recharge the nervous system. Zinc and Copper Rods instantaneously activate the mechanism of regulation of the Nervous System that is responsible for configuration and balance within our being, bringing a state of calm and deep, peaceful transcendental meditation. 


    This naturally occurring phenomena of Zinc and Copper instantly elevates you into higher dimensions.

    These Egyptian Rods of Star Consciousness may assist you in connecting with your higher-self and multi-dimensional energy. 

    This set of Rods are your personal key to specifically assists you with moving through dimensions quickly and are the best suited for experienced energy workers. 


    Note: Due to the absorption of sodium from the hands, these rods will naturally tarnish over time, however this does not affect the rods in any way. To clean, mix white vinegar and salt into a solution and gently wipe the rods with a cotton cloth. 


    Handcrafted with intention by Local Artist - Sacred Pyramids 


    To learn more about these Egyptian Pharaoh Rods, see reference links below:



    Many blessings on your journey,

    - Danielle

    Aurumaya Labs. 

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