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GOLDEN ANKH / Monoatomic Orgonite with 24K White Powder Gold


    Monoatomic Orgonite with 24K White Powder Gold


    Contains: 1 X Monoatomic (White Powder Gold) Ankh, 1 X Black Silk Bag, 1 X Box.

    (+ Optional Heiroglyphic Prism Pyramid - See Add-ons)


    The Ankh, an Ancient symbol of the Atlanean people and later used as a sacred symbol of the Egyptians, symbolises the key to eternal life - believed to possess initiation properties used to open portals and transcend the limits of the Third-dimension.

    In Atlantean times, the Ankh was used to prepare a person, the initiate, to become a 'key', which would open and raise the harmonic frequency of the planet. 


    The 'key' is through the body, and the Ankhs were created using Minerals from the Earth to replicate the electrical systems of the body. It is made from a Minerals, and when held and used ceremonially, the Ankh would start to resonate in the perfect vibration, creating a positive and a negative charge.

    These forces, like a magnet, would create a neutral point of energy the centre that expands up and down, creating the shape of a torus, imitating within our bodies how the magnetism of the Earth works. 


    By holding the positive and the negative energies in our hands, all the Kundalini energies open as the Lotus - the Crown Chakra.

    When this opens, it creates a magnetically field around the body.

    The initiate holding the Ankh, transforms this energy through the Minerals and Metals and directs it back into the body. The pattern of energy that then moves between the human body and the Ankh, creates the main channel of energy, that opens the Stargate portal to alter space and time.


    This process is done to reconnect the soul, and the body, back to the network of consciousness and portals on the planet - making the initiate vibrate within the same resonance of the information within the Ankh so the person becomes an extension of these portals, allowing us access to the Universe. 


    When resonating with the frequency of gold (24K & Manna White Powder Gold), the Ankh signifies the divine essence of existence, the elixir of immortality and the singularity point within all things. Placing the ankh on your altar and incorporating it into rituals invokes blessings, protection, and spiritual guidance, enriching the connection between the individual and the divine.

  • The main attraction of our Monoatomic Gold Ankhs is the layered inclusion of ‘Manna’/'Shemanna', also known as "white powder gold’. Manna is an ancient and sacred substance, said to have been brought to Earth by the Anunnaki, Ancient deities of Sumerian lore, as a gift to humanity.

    This ethereal powder is believed to resonate at an incredibly high frequency, residing in the 5th dimension (As the 5th state of Matter).


    When incorporated into Orgonite, Manna is thought to amplify the pyramid's ability to connect to higher-dimensional realms, carrying our thoughts and intentions past the limitations of our earthly 3-D etheric realms. Its presence is said to facilitate a deeper connection to the divine, unlocking higher states of awareness and aiding in the pursuit of inner peace and soul-star consciousness. 


    Blessings on your Journey. 

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