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EMF NANO CHIP / Scalar Radionics Shielding Sticker


    Scalar Radionics Shielding Sticker


    EMF Radionics Nano chip protection stickers are designed to shield you from the electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by your mobile phone. Utilizing nanotechnology and real copper circuits, this small but powerful sticker is engineered to harmonize any potentially harmful radiation by transforming chaotic frequencies and non-native EMF’s into smoother, more natural forms. 

    The sticker contains a specialized nano-material that acts as a passive resonator, effectively diffusing electromagnetic radiation away from the body by 96.43 percent. (See video).


    A Scalar energy frequency field accessory for anyone looking to reduce their exposure to EMF radiation without compromising the functionality of their device, while simultaneously extend the service life of a battery by two or three times. 

    It's easy to apply: simply stick it on the back of your phone, laptop, tablets or electrical devices and the nano-materials begin working immediately. 


    Reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can have several beneficial effects on the human body:


    + Improved Sleep Quality: EMF exposure, particularly at night, can interfere with the production of melatonin, a hormone critical for regulating sleep cycles. Reducing EMF exposure, especially in the bedroom, may help improve melatonin production, leading to deeper and more restorative sleep.


    + Reduced Stress Levels: Some studies suggest that long-term exposure to EMF can increase cortisol production, a hormone associated with stress. By lowering EMF exposure, it’s possible to reduce these stress signals, potentially leading to a more relaxed state and better overall health.


    + Enhanced Overall Well-being: Improvement in overall health and well-being when reducing EMF’s can include fewer headaches, less fatigue, and a general feeling of improved physical health.


    + Improved Cellular Health: EMF can cause oxidative stress in cells, which is linked to inflammation and various chronic diseases. By minimizing EMF exposure, it may be possible to reduce oxidative stress, thereby supporting better cellular health and reducing the risk of inflammation-related conditions.



    1 x Nano Chip Sticker, 1 x Metal Nano Chip Tin Case. 

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