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ANCIENT TRISKELION / Zinc & Copper Bio-Electric Talisman


    Zinc & Copper Bioelectric Talisman


    The ‘Triskelion’, formed by its three spirals emanating from a central point, is an Ancient Elemental Water symbol with profound spiritual significance throughout cultures around the world. 

    The spirals of the Triskelion represent motion, progress, and continuous evolution and the dynamic flow of life and the universe. 

    This motion symbolises the balance between the past, present, and future, as well as the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, making it a powerful talisman for personal growth and transformation. 


    When crafted from copper and zinc, materials known for their metaphysical properties, the Triskelion becomes a powerful tool for spiritual practices. Copper, with its ability to conduct etheric energy, enhances the flow of positive forces and facilitates healing, while zinc, known for its grounding and fortifying properties, strengthens the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.



    These Talismans are activated by holding in the palm of the hand - Zinc and Copper together in combination are known for strengthening energy flow within the body, and the synergy of the two metals creates a natural ‘Galvanic battery ‘ using the human body as the vessel or tool for acceleration (See photo diagram). 


    A Galvanic battery is an electrochemical cell reaction that occurs when sodium (in this case, sweat from the human body releasing from the palms of the hands) in which an electrical current is generated from spontaneous oxidation reactions. 

    The energy is passed through the body from left to right as a functioning cell battery - When holding this Talisman, you can actually feel the energy pulsating through, it is quite remarkable and extremely powerful.


    The natural absorption of these two metals through the hands was utilised by the Egyptian Pharaos to strengthen energy flow through the body and were used to regulate, balance, upgrade and recharge the nervous system. Zinc and Copper instantaneously activates the mechanism of regulation of the Nervous System that is responsible for configuration and balance within our being, bringing a state of calm and deep, peaceful transcendental meditation. 

    This naturally occurring phenomena of Zinc and Copper instantly elevates you into higher dimensions.


    The Triskelion's symbolism in Ancient history represented the concept of perpetual motion and the cyclical nature of life, reflecting the eternal rhythm of birth, death, and rebirth. This makes it a powerful symbol for those seeking to embrace change, transition, and the natural cycles of existence. 


    Blessings on your Journey. 

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