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ACU VAC COIL / Bio-Field Spiral Vacuum Coils


    Bio-Field Spiral Dynamic Vacuum Coils


    Contains: 1 x Acu Vacc Spiral Coil 

    + Option to *add-on* Master programmer quartz crystal insert


    The Acu Vac Coil acts like a vacuum cleaner - ‘Pulling-in’ energy from the field, transmuting it through the two positively & negatively charged ends, and then releasing it back out, completely transformed. 


    Acu Vacs are designed to interact with the body’s bioelectric and piezoelectric systems, such as meridians and acupuncture points. 

    The Spiral Dynamic weaving of the coil creates a positive feedback loop which spans out in a large toroidal motion, harmonising the etheric field surrounding the vacuum. 


    Thе Acu Vac Coil creates a multі-dіmеnѕіоnаl соnnесtіоn tо thе Crуѕtаl, Mіnеrаl, аnd Plаnt Kіngdоmѕ, Eаrth Elеmеntаlѕ, Hіghеr Sоul Sеlf аnd Multіdіmеnѕіоnаl Mеrkabа fіеldѕ vіа thе Tеnѕоr ‘Light’ Fіеld generated. 

    A powerful tool for moving and directing energy flow, these vacuums can be used in many ways - Adding a Crystal inside your Vacc Coil may also amplify the intensity of its electrical charge (See photos).



    (See guided instructions for use below)


    - Pain Relief:  Known for it’s abilities to ‘draw-out’ pain in the body using the vacuum’s charged conductivity, these coils may be held over specific parts of the body allowing energy to be drawn through the coil and converted into positive energy - Particularly useful for fascial and muscular or joint pain by stimulating energy and blood flow which can alleviate discomfort.

    Coils may also aid in recovery post-exercise by placing them on sore or strained muscles or nerve tissue. 

    - Stimulation of Acupuncture Points:  Similar to acupuncture or acupressure, these coils are placed on or over specific points on the body. The idea is that the coils can stimulate these points non-invasively, influencing the body’s Chi or Qi (vital energy). 

    - Sleep Improvement:   Acu Vacc coils may be placed near the bed during sleep or held on specific body points before bed for 15-20 minutes to enhance sleep quality, believing the electromagnetic properties of the coils help calm and soothe the body and mind.

    Try Meridian points on the feet for sleep. 

    - Enhanced Energy Flow & Self-Cleansing:   Due to the geometric arrangement of the coil, combined with the natural conductivity of copper, Acu Vac Coils can enhance the body's energy flow, clear the etheric field and boost energy levels.

    The coils bioenergetics are especially useful during times of fatigue or low energy to move energetic blockages in the body's electrical pathways.

    - Mental Clarity and Focus:   Coils may be placed on points believed to enhance mental clarity and concentration, such as Central and Governing Meridian points, Third-eye and top of the head - improving cognitive functions and bioelectric energy flow. 

    - With Meditation and Yoga:   Acu Vac’s are wonderful to incorporate into meditation and yoga practices to deepen relaxation and enhance spiritual connection.




    The Tensor Tube is held over the body over the point of choice, depending on reason for use (pain, mental focus, meditation etc)

     – with the tube facing toward the body, begin moving coil in a clockwise circular motion to “couple” or hook onto the energy point. 

    Keep the Coil within ½ to 1 inch off the body to start - remain close to the physical and etheric body, until a there is a felt cessation of pain or “flow” of energy. Once the energy is hooked, begin ‘drawing out’ the coil further from the body as to ‘pull’ or vacuum the energy outward, continuing to move in a circular motion.

    Try changing direction from Clockwise to Counter-Clockwise to see which feels better.

    When done, ‘Flick’ the Coil toward the Earth/ground a few times to release the energy from the coil and send it back to the Earth. 


    Blessings on your journey. 

  • Crafted by: The Alchemists Apprentice 555

    A local craftsman who has received the ability through guidance to create these devices. The intentions for the devices are for personal assistant tools on one’s path towards ascending into higher frequency.

    Transmute and transmit 555

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