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VIOLET RAY WAND / Quantum Handheld Plasma 4-Piece Kit

Expected to ship approx. 2 weeks from purchase date.

    Activated Quantum Tech Plasma Device


    Contains - 1 x Black Hard-Case Violet Ray Wand Device, 4 x Glass Alternating Tubes, Power-Supply, Instruction Manual. 


    The Violet Ray Wand, an ethereal and visually mesmerising technology, is designed to awaken and energise the cellular matrix within the human body and electromagnetic fields.

    Invented by Nikola Tesla's work with electromagnetic fields and plasma (4th State Matter), the Violet Ray Wand operates on principles that bridge the realms of science and spirituality, offering a unique pathway to healing and activation.

    Based on its quantum resonance abilities, the Violet Ray wand extends past the physical realms and may also be used as a tool to ‘wake-up’ and activate piezoelectrically charged elements - such as Crystals and Copper. 


    At the heart of the Violet Ray Wand lies a plasma-filled glass tube (A miniature Tesla coil), engineered to generate a gentle, high-frequency electrical field. Plasma is known to be an extension of our consciousness and can carry and ‘project’ our thoughts through it’s Arc’s and into the cellular state.

    When held and massaged over the skin or brought near your energetic tools, it emits a soft violet glow and a subtle, electrical charge.

    This charge is believed to stimulate cellular activity, promoting detoxification, increasing blood circulation, and enhancing oxygenation of the tissues.

    The result is a feeling of rejuvenation, as if each cell in your body is being gently awakened and aligned with its optimal state of being. 


    From an Esoteric perspective, the Violet Ray Wand is a powerful conduit for energy work. The violet light emitted resonates with the frequency of transformation, purification, and spiritual enlightenment.

    This makes the wand an exceptional tool for working on the subtle energy bodies, helping to clear blockages, balance chakras, and enhance the flow of Qi or Prana throughout the system.

    When used to charge crystals, copper, and other spiritual tools, it amplifies their inherent properties, making them even more potent conduits for healing and manifestation.


    The Violet Ray Wand may be used as a daily self-care routine and as as a gateway to transmit frequency and intention through the body. Whether you seek to invigorate your body, empower your energetic tools, or embark on a journey of deep spiritual growth, this wand is your companion, blending the mysteries of the cosmos (4th state matter) with the wonders of the 3rd-Dimension into a nexus of healing light.



    - Do not use this device if pregnant.

    - Do not use close to other electrical devices such as mobile phones or laptops, the arc's powerful discharge is capable of jumping to surrounding objects and may fry or interfere with electrical signals.

    - Do not use if you have a pacemaker.

  • ** Aurumaya strives to provide high-quality products and ensure the safety of our customers. However, please note that we are not liable for any injuries that may arise from the use of our products. It is essential that all users follow the safety instructions provided with each product meticulously. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for safe and effective use.**

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