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QUBIT CRYSTAL / Scalar Crystalectric Generator - QUARTZ TOWER


    Quantum Crystalectric Generator

    - Powered Quartz Crystal


    Includes: 1 x Crystalectrical Quartz Tower, 1 x 15Hz Zapper (attached), 1 x 9V battery.

    Simply connect the battery, and go! Your crystal is ready for use. 


    A ‘Qubit’ is a Quantum unit of information, or ‘Quantum Bit’.  It has the extraordinary ability to process information at light speeds, and can exist in a superposition — representing both 0’s and 1’s simultaneously.

    Qubits can be in multiple states at one time and exhibit quantum entanglement - where they are forever intrinsically bonded, even if they are physically separated.


    Our Powered Crystals are ‘Quantum Crystalectric Generators’.

    Wrapped with Copper electrical wires using a 'Spiral Dynamic' pattern, these crystals were specifically designed to plug directly into a 9V battery and power-up with a 15Hz zapper (battery included). 


    They work by converting Hz frequencies (15Hz) into Scalar Energy, which can magnify, amplify and carry your thoughts and intentions, and 'download' information from the quantum field using telepathic communications.

    When used with intention, their crystalline structure can be programmed by utilising the electrical charge of the Coppers conductivity and the electrical charge created by our Thoughts (Synaptic Transmissions). 


    Ancient traditions around the world have long used the power of Thought to code and transmit information within the etheric fields and to and from other dimensions. 

    Programming can be done through focused intention, visualization, or using specific frequencies and techniques.

    The idea is to imprint the crystal with the desired energy or information, to become Quantum entangled and intrinsically bonded, which will then amplify and radiate through all time, space and dimensions. 


     Quartz (Silica) Crystal - Energy amplification, Master healer, Universal Codes (Silica), Clarity, Purification, Visionary Seer, Programmer of the Source Code. 

    ☉ Silica - The voice of Stone Kingdom. The voice of the Earth. The Ancient Ancestor of our primordial origin. Ties together all realms, on all dimensions and all timelines. The 'I Am' that I Am. 




    When a Crystal is powered using small volts of electrical impulse, met with HZ frequencies, it generates a piezoelectric charge within the crystal which emanates as a large, magnetic Scalar field around you and your crystal - Think of this like a Torus field. 

    Scalar Energy is a universal force that is said to travel through space & dimensions faster than the speed of light, without a direction & without loss of intensity over distance or time.


    When wrapped & powered with copper wiring, this force creates a “zero-point energy field”.

    ‘Zero point’ is a state of perfect resonance that contains all possible frequencies, and which equates to the simultaneous presence and absence of all quantum possibilities

    - All at once.


    Scalar Energy is said to promote healing by amplifying the electro-magnetic energy inside tiny liquid crystals found inside the human body; energizing cells, amplifying piezoelectric energy & heightening states of awareness.


    Use with intention,

    And many blessings on your Journey. 

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