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MANNA PYRAMID / PEMF Powered Selenite Orgonite Technology



    White Powder Gold Orgonite Technology


    Contains: 1 x XL Manna Orgonite Pyramid - With Selenite

    + Comes with powered light stand to light-up and illuminate your pyramids at night.


    Aurumaya’s range of Pyramids are designed and engineered with creative intentions to activate and illuminate the piezoelectric powers of Earth’s natural substances (Crystals, Minerals, ORME's & Metallics), bringing to you a power-tower of toroidal electrical codes that have the ability to transmit and transmute high-frequency energy and waveform information through the etheric field and dimensional realms.

    Our Pyramids are infused with layers of Manna White Powder Gold & Copper Tensor technology to work synergystically in creating a bio harmonic resonant frequency that emits powerfully into the field. 


    Orgonite Pyramids are created using a combination of resins, metals, and quartz crystals, meticulously crafted over weeks of intentional layering. The fundamental principle behind Orgonite technology is its ability to balance and harmonise bio-energy, often referred to as ‘Orgone', Chi/Qi, or Prana. This energy is the primordial life-force itself, permeating every aspect of our existence and the universe.


    The magic of Orgonite lies in its layered structure. Metals, crystals (and carefully placed toroidal field magnets, Aurumaya’s special addition) are embedded within the resin in a way that creates a perpetually-moving field Matrix.

    As organic resin hardens, it permanently compresses the materials, generating what's known as a ‘Piezoelectric effect’. This is due to the quartz crystals, which, under pressure, emit a subtle electrical charge. This charge interacts with the surrounding bio-energy field, transforming stagnant or negative energy into a positive, balanced harmonious state.


    The metals (24K Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass etc), act as conductors, creating a field where energy is continuously drawn in and transmuted - The Torus Field. Orgone technology connects us of the ancient belief in the power of sacred geometry and the modern understanding of electromagnetic fields. 



    - ORME’s Monoatomic White Gold Powder (Levitation suspension)

    - Powdered Clear Quartz & Raw Clear Quartz Point (In Pyramid Apex)

    - 2 x Copper Tensor Rings (Galactic + Atlantis Cubit)

    - 24k Gold Leaf & Silver Leaf layers

    - Metatron's Cube Gold Symbol Sticker


    The main attraction of our Orgone Pyramids is the layered inclusion of ‘Manna’/'Shemanna', also known as "white powder gold’. Manna is an ancient and sacred substance, said to have been brought to Earth by the Anunnaki, Ancient deities of Sumerian lore, as a gift to humanity.

    This ethereal powder is believed to resonate at an incredibly high frequency, residing in the 5th dimension (As the 5th state of Matter).


    When incorporated into Orgonite, Manna is thought to amplify the pyramid's ability to connect to higher-dimensional realms, carrying our thoughts and intentions past the limitations of our earthly 3-D etheric realms. Its presence is said to facilitate a deeper connection to the divine, unlocking higher states of awareness and aiding in the pursuit of inner peace and soul-star consciousness. 


    As above, So below. As within, So without.

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