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GOLD HYDROSOL / 24K Monoatomic Gold Facial Tonic with Rose & Egyptian Blue Lotus

    24K Monoatomic Liquid Gold Facial Tonic with Rose & Egyptian Blue Lotus 


    An Ancient Beauty Elixir of Sacred Plants & Elementals known for their high frequency activation and rejuvenation properties. 


    Contains /

    100ml Spray Bottle - 2+ months Daily use 


    Our Rose Otto Hydrosol (Certified Organic) is produced using Bulgarian organic Roses and a high frequency essence of Wild Harvested Blue Lotus flowers. 

    A 100% pure tonic produced by double distillation (cohobation) of the oil-bearing rose (Rosa damascena P. Miller), synergistically combined with Monoatomic Gold and 40ppm Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles. 


    🜛 Planetary/Stellar Correspondences - Sun, Venus, Sirius

    🜛 Sacred Geometry Correspondence - Tesseract, Hypercube  

    🜛 Chakra Correspondences - Heart Chakra

    🜛 Frequency Tuning - 432Hz




    Monatomic Gold, or ‘Manna’, is liquid Alchemical Gold - The true ‘Elixir of Life’. 

    Known as the Philosophers Stone, Monoatomic Gold is a spiritual tool and sacrament that has been used as a powerful electrical conductor since Ancient times to increase physical and mental energy, promote luminous Pranic vitality, awaken pineal function and enhance the Light-Body.


     { Alchemy }


    Manna is an Ancient and sacred substance, highly revered by the Egyptians for it’s beauty and rejuvenation properties. This ethereal substance is believed to resonate at an incredibly high frequency, residing in the 5th dimension (As the 5th state of Matter).


    Mono-atomic (One-Atom) Gold refers to a Matrix of gold particles which exist in a non-metallic form. 

    To the Egyptians and Sumerians, this was known as 'Manna', 'Shemanna', or, the “Elixir of Life”.

    It was believed to be a sacrament from the Gods, given to the Pharaohs by secrets adepts for achieving extended-life and immortality, which then prepared them to become “As the Gods.”


    Manna Gold is thought to amplify ones ability to connect to higher-dimensional realms, carrying our thoughts and intentions past the limitations of the 3-D etheric realms. Its presence is said to facilitate a deeper connection to the divine, unlocking higher states of awareness and aiding in the pursuit of inner peace and soul-star consciousness. 


    Ancient cultures would use this powerful elemental as a sacred tool of magic and divination. Known for its levitation properties, Manna Gold was also used to awaken the dormant light-matrix codes within the atomic levels of the human body and to awaken the pineal gland.

    It was also used to strengthen psychic abilities and was known as a sacred tool which allowed them to commune with the spirits and the Gods.


    { As Above / So Below }


    Gold in its mono-atomic form is somewhat of a phenomena which can only be described as a ‘felt’ experience. These elements seem to allow the body’s electrical networks to relay messages more efficiently and to encourage the body to express more of its true biological and psychic potential.


    ≜ Harmonically Encoded to 432Hz using advanced Lab. bifilar Scalar wave technology & Cymatics sound Activation. Activated under the rulership of Venus.


    As the Universe; So the Soul.

  • Certified Organic Ingredients:

    Rose Hydrosol - Double Distilled (Rosa damascena P. miller), High-purity colloidal Gold 40ppm, 24K monoatomic Gold (Manna), Wild Blue Lotus Flower Essence, 316Hz Gold Frequency. 

    For external use only. 


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