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GALACTIC ANKH / Pack of 2 - Sacred Talisman & Tensor Ring


    Sacred Talisman & Copper Tensor Ring Pack of 2

    SAVE 22%



    1 x Medium Galactic Cubit Tensor Ring

    1 x Copper Ankh Talisman Energy Tool



    + One of the most powerful of all Cubits, the Galactic Cubit connectes with the Higher Soul-Self.

    + Works with all of the Soul's aspects.

    + Active DNA Scrubber. 

    + Each individual tube torus pulls in positive and negative energy, sending it out as non-dualistic energy/whole and complete energy. 

    + Soul is the consciousness that is in control of frequencies and light that come through this ring. 

    + Because of its ability to increase and amplify any energies paried with this Cubit, the Galactic Cubit has been known to work in dynamic association with the Crystal Tektite 'Moldavite' - Sit with this tensor ring in your left hand, while working with Moldavite in meditation for a powerful Galactic activation. (See Moldavite Honey + Tensor pack above).  



    This Ankh has been intentionally crafted to guide and protect your soul on its individual journey.

    Keep this talisman close, allow it to resonate and become in-tune with your bodies frequency. This will become your personal key.

    Meditate or sleep with your Ankh and allow yourself to travel through portals and realities with greater awareness and understanding.


    The measurements for this Ankh have been calculated to have a total of 5 active 9 points. This then equals 45 which 4+5=9

    In numerology, the number 9 is associated with spiritual growth, universal love, and compassion.


    In the realm of astrology, the number 9 finds an association with the planet Mars. Mars embodies qualities of ambition, passion, and assertiveness.

    Many archaeologists and astronomers believe that the ancient Egyptians on Earth (Pharaohs) actually came from Mars.

    Mars is often called “Horus of the horizon”, which is also a relatively well attested God’s name outside of astronomy. Besides this, mainly in late sources, there is the form “Horus the red one”.


    What is a Tensor Ring?

    A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy produced by the Tensor field is healing for all life forms on Earth.

    A superconductor that neutralises magnetic fields, the tensor ring brings tranquility and stability to chaos, and easily stabilises the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body.

    The Tensor field produces a measurable earth / gravity effect.


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