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FREQUENCY GENERATOR / Adjustable Digital Crystal Antenna 0.001Hz ~ 200KHz


    Adjustable Digital Crystal PCB Antenna

    Range: 0.001Hz ~ 200KHz


    Includes: 1 x Frequency Generator, 1 x USB Power Chord, 1 x Black Carry Case.


    This Frequency Generator is intended to be used with our Qubit Crystals, Powered Pyramids & Powered Ankhs as an alternative to using your Smartphone to play frequencies through the Energy devices.

    Simply Set & Go!


    Frequency Generator may also be used as a standalone product -

    Place items such as Crystals, Water, Elixirs, etc on to the Antenna Board to activate with Scalar Frequencies. 


    This device features a user-friendly interface with number buttons that allow you to quickly select the exact hertz frequency you desire.

    Whether you're experimenting with different frequencies or have a specific application in mind, our generator makes it simple:

    Just press the buttons to set your frequency, hit 'OK', and the device will emit the selected frequency through its built-in PCB board antenna.


    HOW TO USE: In 2 easy steps

    1. Take out the USB cable that comes with the product.

     Connect the round hole end with the circuit board, and plug the USB end into a USB charger head. 

    2.  The screen lights will automatically come on:

    Change the frequency - directly input the frequency using the number pad, press "OK" to complete the setting.


    To Connect your Qubit Crystal, Powered Pyramids & Powered Ankhs:

    - Use the black Audio cable that was provided with your purchase of the Crystal, Pyramids or Ankh. 

    - Plug one end of the Audio cable in to the hole side of the Frequency Genrator (You will find this on the right side of the generator - See photos for reference).

    - Plug the other end of your Audio cable in to your Crystal, Pyramids or Ankh. - Simply type in the numbers on the keyoad which you wish to play, and press 'OK'.

    Frequencies are now playing through your device. 


    The setting range is 0.001~200KHz. 


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