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CHRYSALIS / Gold & Silver Silica Honey with Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Crystals

  • 🜛  CHRYSALIS  🜛


    Dreamy, creamy whipped Peppermint Honey with a suspension of Silica, 24K Monoatomic Gold & Esoteric Silver

    + Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Colloidal Crystals.

    { A Crystalline Portal into the Future through the Intelligence of the Past }


    { Dosage: Eat 1-2 Tsp, once a day. Eat straight from the jar, or add to teas and warm drinks }


    🜛 Planetary/Stellar Correspondences - Sun, Moon, Arcturus 

    🜛 Sacred Geometry Correspondence - Metatron’s Cube, Tesseract 

    🜛 Chakra Correspondences - All Chakras

    🜛 Frequency Tuning - 963Hz




    Gold & Silver - Sun & Moon nexus, pillars of spiritual transformation. Soul-star & primordial keepers of the flame. Amplification of psychic senses. 

    Silica - The voice of the Stone Kingdom. The voice of the Earth. The Ancient Ancestor of our primordial origin. Ties together all realms, on all dimensions and all timelines. The 'I Am' that I Am.
    Ruby Crystal -  Spiritual strength, warrior, courage, soul exploration, awakening of universal divine truths, soul passion, anchoring the channel, attunement of the radio receiver. 

    Emerald Crystal -  Activation of the heart frequency, unconditional love, unity, peaceful equilibrium, master healer, Third-Eye, unification with the truest self, anchoring light codes, transformation. 

    Sapphire Crystal - Spiritual truth, calmness and freedom of mind, channeling antenna, inter-dimensional communications, circuitry highway for new coding pathways to take form, wisdom from the higher self, liberation and oneness with the divine Source, amplifies altered perceptions of time (past, present & future) and multidimensional timelines. 


    Enter, V.R: Visionary Realms


    The Chrysalis Honey is a pause in time. 

    It allows us to focus our presence, attune our awareness, and dissolve into the eternal stillness of our inner-knowing. 

    Just like the butterfly, the process of metamorphosis occurs when the dissolution of self begins, and the transformation of the true-self emerges as our fullest expression; the ultimate spiritual beauty. 


    A chamber of all encompassing light and a direct access point to the higher mind, the Chrysalis’s outer shell encases us with soul embrace, a holographic geometry of that which we are made of; our crystalline core.  

    While the chrysalis is a protective casing, it is also a period of vulnerability. This duality reflects our human condition where true strength often involves embracing our deepest vulnerabilities. 


    A soul incubation period - a sacred time and quiet space allowing for the gestation of new spiritual insights and the emergence of a refined self from a higher frequency or octave.

    Through our rebirth and continual self renewal, the Chrysalis symbolises the transition from an old life to a new one, and that significant growth so too requires a period of introspection and solitude. 


    The spiritual truth that can be found within the perfection of our own Chrysalis reflects back to us like the Prism; the rainbow that is found within the single beacon of light. 

    Through the One, we may experience the many - a splitting of the Light (soul) which is refracted to the world as the RBG (Red - Ruby, Green - Emerald, and Blue - Sapphire).

    It contains all information, and all signature codes are unified within it. 

    It is the many facets and fractals of the oversoul, desiring to experience itself in its truest form and deepest love; to know the One through the other. 


    As without, So within - the Chrysalis reflects back to us the perfection of the universal code that is within us all. 


    ≜ Harmonically Encoded to 963Hz using advanced Lab. bifilar Scalar wave technology & Cymatic sound Activation. 


    🜛 Chrysalis honey contains the sacred 'Elixir of Life', Monoatomic m-state elements (Gold & Silver) which exist in a 'high spin-state'. 

    These elements are powerful superconductors and have been used since Ancient times to increase physical and mental energy, promote luminous pranic vitality, awaken psychic abilities, pineal function and enhance the light-body.


    100ml Jar = 1+ months Journeying (40 Serves)


    As the Universe; So the Soul.

  • Organic Ingredients: 

    24K Monoatomic Gold (30X), High-Purity Esoteric Silver (Colloid), Silica (30X), Oil extraction of Peppermint (Menta X), Ruby Crystal Essence, Emerald Crystal Essence, Sapphire Essence - suspended in whipped creamy Yellowbox & Byron Bay Hinterland MGO633+ Jellybush Honey.


    *Note: Honeys are a raw natural product and over time may naturally crystallise or liquify with changes in temp. - this is completely normal and does not affect the quality or integrity of the honey or its active ingredients. Store creamed honeys at room temperature. 


    Not for use of children under the age of 12 years. 

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