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BIO-GEOMETRY DISK / Orgone Energy Charging Plate

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    Orgone Energy Charging Plate & Tensor Pack



    1 X 24K Gold - BioGeometry Orgone Plate

    1 x Atlantis Cubit Tensor Ring (Large)


    Aurumaya’s BioGeometry Orgone Disks are designed to activate and illuminate the piezoelectric powers of Earth’s natural substances (24K Gold, Crystals, Minerals, Ormus, Monoatomic Gold Stardust & Metallics) - bringing to you a powerhouse of toroidal electrical codes that have the ability to transmit and transmute high-frequency Scalar energy and waveform information through the etheric field and dimensional realms.


    BioGeometry is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape; it uses shapes, motion, orientation, and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. 

    It aims to harmonize fields in living and non-living systems. It blends ancient wisdom and modern science to create balanced environments by considering the geometric shapes and patterns that influence energy quality. 

    BioGeometry shapes have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field, and a considerable reduction of the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers, and all other modern appliances. 


    When incorporated into Orgonite, Monoatomic Gold is thought to amplify it's ability to connect to higher-dimensional realms, carrying our thoughts and intentions past that of our earthly 3-D etheric realms. Its presence is said to facilitate a deeper connection to the divine, unlocking higher states of awareness and aiding in the pursuit of inner peace and soul-star consciousness. 




    + Place BioGeometry Disk beside or under the bed throughout the night to act as a grounding mat for a peaceful, deep and restful sleep. 


    + Place drinking water cups, water bottles, tea etc on top of the plate to stimulate the waters molecular frequency to activate, charge and restructure the water. 


    + Place Crystals, Copper, etc on top of the device to amplify the energetics emitted from the crystalline and metallic structures.


    + Use BioGeometry as a charging plate for Elixirs and Herbal Medicines.


    + Place in a common room of the house, such as lounge rooms or offices to create a bio magnetic field within the space to induce calmness and instant grounding. 


    + Get creative - anything can be placed on top of this device to amplify and ground the frequencies.



    As above, So below. As within, So without.

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